In Perpetuity: a book and a fragrance

Ivey Wawn

This book is the inheritance of a live performance work, meant as companion to something which now only exists as a ghost. With contributions from those involved in the making of what would have been the live performance,it is an accumulation of thoughts, reflections and associated pieces of work that give some idea of what the work could, would, or may in the future come to be. 

The book will be accompanied by a small vial of perfume made specifically for distribution in the theatre, but modified for wearability 

Book Contributors: Ellen Davies, Daniel Jenatsch, Megan Payne, Taree Sansbury, Riki Scanlan, Celeste Stein, Lizzie Thomson, Ivey Wawn and Rohan Willard
Scent: Rohan Willard
Design: Alexandra Margetic



Ivey Wawn  makes dance-based work for various contexts. Her artistic work and research centre on social property relations and their historic specificities, with particular interest in relations of power, control and consent in the organisation of labour. She is committed to dance as a potential form of resistance; to social abstraction and commodification. Her works have focused on the wage relation, microbial reproductive labour, commodity fetishism, and invisibility among other things. Ivey works as a dancer, performer and collaborator contributing to the work of other artists from a range of disciplines and sells her labour as a waiter in between projects. Her work has been supported and presented by Kaldor Public Art Projects, Underbelly Arts Festival, RMIT Design Hub, Liquid Architecture, DirtyFeet, Critical Path, First Draft Gallery, Next Wave Festival and more. 

Original work In Perpetuity is a Next Wave and Arts House co-commission. It is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts and funding and advisory body, Chunky Move, Performance Space, Critical Path, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Lucy Guerin Inc, and the City of Melbourne through Arts House.