Unseen Rare Loam

Alex Last

Unseen Rare Loam documents two elaborate tangents spiralling out from the artists’ ongoing trials in backyard agriculture, delving into an array of veiled and barely visible spaces full of secret relations and interwoven passages. In ‘Backyard Trinity,’ micro-symbiotic and parasitic alliances overlap on the body of a single plant, unearthing a field of allegoric and material connections across time/space. In ‘Dream Yield,’ a mild crop of black beans opens up a hopeless investigation in search of a fair price, crashing up against fuzzy supply chains and the crushing weight of industrial empire.

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Alex Last is an interdisciplinary artist living and working on Muwinina land in nipaluna, lutruwita (also known as Hobart, Tasmania). Alex works in a range of mediums across various disciplines, exploring the variously entangled, dissonant, cryptic and transformative relationships which bind earthly organisms and their human relatives. In a possibly vain effort to dampen global anthropocentrism, Alex labors to listen closely and uncover those narratives which illuminate the ornate details of animal subjectivity.

Alex Last has been supported by Salamanca Arts Centre through Next Wave X